Reflective Anti-skid Aggregates


(Reflective High-Friction Aggregates)


This is newly developed color reflective anti-skidding aggregate materials which is absent of ceramic aggregate materials to increase retro-reflectivity. The key technology of high brightness is the unique polycrystalline color reflective materials and special post-treatment.This product can be used with rain line beads and any other traffic marking beads. It can be used as an upgrade version of glass beads for highways, parking lots, parks, schools, hotels, office buildings where an anti-skid pavement is required. It provides both safety and beauty.



(1) Road Marking Material

(2) Garden, Park, Path

(3) Wall Decoration


Appearance and physical data

(1) All Colors Available

(2) Density:2.5gram/CM3

(3) Water Absorption: <1.5%

(4) Mohs Hardness >5.5



1mm to 2mm, 2mm to 4mm, 4mm to 6mm (We can produce according to your request)


Application Steps:

(1) Removing dusts and pollution

(2) Checking the area to be maintained

(3) Bottom Paint (Cement base only, other base like bitumen base-no)

(4) Resin Spray

(5) Putting the ceramic granular on the resins sprayed on the road.

(6) Collection the unused granular

(7) Beautify the surface of the road.


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