43 Glass Beads Reflector

  • 43 Glass Beads Reflector
43 Glass Beads Reflector

43 Glass Beads Reflector

  • Product description: 43 Glass Beads Reflector,Raised pavement markers, plastic road markers,Road Markers, Road studs, chip seal markers, chip seal markers(TRPMs), temporary chip seal markers, flexible chip seal markers (T

43 Glass Beads Reflectors


Glass beads reflectors employ the principle of sphere-reflection: If a beam of light hits a retro-reflective optical system, it is reflected back to its point of origin, irrespective of the direction from which the beam strikes the reflector.

As a reflector is subjected to enormous mechanical stress from vehicles, its surface must be as resistant as possible, glass is the material for this load.

43 beads reflectors

All color beads and all color base board are available)

Size: 74.7mm*13.9mm

Weight: 15grams/each piece



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